Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Post 1: The Creation

The Creation

I never really thought deep into the topic of the creation of the world. I was raised to believe that the theory of God creating the earth, sky and the heavens is the truth. This is a traditional myth that runs through the family. When someone questions this they are frowned upon. But it doesn't take a deviant child that just doesn't want to go to church or an atheist to question the Bibles creation story when they are comparing it to facts that scientists bring forth. Myths are believed to be a misrepresentation of the truth. Then that leaves the question: What is the Truth? If you really think of it, it is not possible for multiple creation stories to be accurate. But which story should we believe? Either Adam and Eve or the dinosaurs were the first to step foot Earth. If you look at this scientifically, there were many stages of evolution made to get to where we are today. The is not explained in the Bible's version of the creation. I believe that there will always be doubts and questions about the creation of the world we live in. Despite the evidence that thousands of scientists discover, there will always be a person that disagrees with their theories of how it all started and where we came from. In the Bible's creation story, there is a lack of proof that God is the creator of all and that he has always existed.

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